Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Magnum

For a company that produces a few of the most modern-day, cutting edge fishing draws on the marketplace, you might be amazed to learn that Yo-Zuri has been around for more than 50 years!

Reviewing Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Magnum Lures

Founded by Yasu Hiro, the name Yo-Zuri came years later on as a mix of Yasu’s nickname, “Yo” and the Japanese word for fishing, “Zuri.”

The company started exporting lures to The United States and Canada in 1976, starting with squid imitations that were targeted at Pacific Coast anglers. Years later, the lure that put Yo-Zuri on the radar of anglers in the Northeast was the Crystal Minnow.

The Crystal Minnow is a variation of the popular minnow-style stick bait, with a long, slim body, a little lip and a tight wobbling action. Its specialty is quickly its amazing surfaces. The lures have a holographic laser tape down their flanks that produces a dazzling flash underwater, even in murky conditions. Big, intense eyes put the ending up touch on the fish-attracting appearance of the Crystal Minnow, helping them make the cut with even the most keen-eyed predators.


The Crystal Minnow is available in drifting, sinking, deep-diving and suspending models, and in a wide range of colors. Sizes vary from the 3 5/8- inch sinking to the 6 1/2- inch magnum.

Crystal Minnows are one of the most versatile lures on the market. From surfcasting for stripers to trolling for albies and school bluefin tuna, the Crystal Minnow can do all of it. The smaller sinking sizes are ideal for trout, while the suspending designs work questions on largemouth bass. The 6 1/2- inch magnum is best for stripers and blues while the 4 3/8- inch and 5 1/4- inch are deadly on albies and bonito.

With its fairly little lip and arched body shape, the Crystal Minnow has a tighter swimming action than a lot of minnow-style lures. The lures can be worked with a stable obtain or with fast snaps of the rod tip. They are even reliable trolling lures for albies, bonito and bluefish.

The deep-diving design is 5 1/4 inches long and can reach depths of 20 feet, depending upon trolling speed. This is another popular bait for summer season bluefish and it even works on big Terrific Lakes trout and salmon.
The current upgrade to the Crystal Minnow household is the Crystal 3D Minnow, which includes an unique three-dimensional prism surface that reflects light in all directions.

“The 3D effect originates from an insert,” described George Large of Yo-Zuri America. “It’s not a tape or a surface on the exterior of the lure, so it’s extremely long lasting. The insert reflects light like a prism, and includes aspects– like the angles cut into a diamond– to scatter light and flash in all instructions.”.

Some colors also have a holographic UV finish, which makes the most of a fish’s ability to see ultraviolet light, light that is outside our visible spectrum. Held up to a black light, the UV surface shines like something from out this world.

The 3D minnow also consists of an attack point, which is available in “bleeding red” color and “UV sapphire blue.” The attack point lies simply above the belly hook to increase the chances of a favorable hookset. “The concept is that the Crystal 3D Minnow releases enough flash to employ fish from a long way off, however when they draw close, the insert provides a strike point to zero in on,” said Big.

Another detail on the 3D minnow is the dual-orientation rattle chambers. The lure includes one rattle chamber that is oriented left to right inside the bait, and one that is oriented from front to back. This means that the lure will produce a rattling sound as it pitches and as it rolls, helping to hire fish from a distance.

This new design can be found in three sizes, 4 3/8 inches, 1/2- ounce and 5 1/4 inches, 3/4 ounce, and the Magnum Crystal 3D Minnow that is 6 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 ounces. The Magnum Crystal 3D Minnow swims a bit shallower than the smaller sized sizes, diving to only 3 feet or so, making it best for fishing the surf along with the boat. The magnum and the deep-diver are entirely through-wired for durability.

While the Crystal Minnow line-up consists of enough designs, sizes and surfaces to cover almost every species that swims in the Northeast, Yo-Zuri is refrained from doing contributing to the series. The company is currently dealing with a 3D jointed minnow that is set to be launched for the 2013 fishing season.