How to Spool a Spinning Reel with Braided Line

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Discover the basic tricks to spool braided fishing line on a spinning reel the right way so you never get those bothersome line twists and loops in your line. Spooling a spinning reel with braided line can actually play a role in how far you cast, how long your fishing line lasts, and how many fish you capture.

Spooling a Spinning Reel With Braided Line

In this instructional video shown how to spool a spinning frame with braided line.

Summarized directions are listed below.

Materials Used:

  • Cabo 50 PT Reel
  • Berkley Trilene 12lb Test
  • Spiderwire Invisibraid Ultracast 30lb Test
  • Razor Blade (for cutting tag ends).
  • Screwdriver (for permitting spindle to spin).

Step-by-step Procedure for Spooling a Spinning Reel

  1. String the support through the eyes of the rod and open the bail.
  2. Wrap the line around the spindle of the reel two times to ensure that the knot doesn’t slip or spin.
  3. Connect a Uni-Knot (see video for direction), trim the excess line and pull the knot tight to the reel.
  4. Flip the bail shut and start reeling the support in, keeping stress on the line by with your forefinger and thumb, until it fills up the reel half way with line.
  5. Attach the Spiderwire to the backing using a Double Uni-Knot (see video for instructions) and trim the excess line.
  6. Start reeling the Spiderwire in, once again keeping tension on the line with your index finger and thumb, and with the Spiderwire coming off the bottom of the spool.

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