Safe Life Jackets

The US Coast Guard and State Police require and/or advise different Types of life vest’s for different applications. Ensure you are aware of the requirements for your state prior to you pick your life jacket

A lot of adults need an additional 7 to 12 pounds of buoyancy to keep their head above water. For a list of minimum buoyancy for each kind of life jacket, please download the Facts about Life Jackets brochure.

Offshore life jacket.

best life jacketThis life jacket is created for extended survival in rough, open water. It usually will turn an unconscious person face up and has more than 22 pounds of buoyancy. This is the best life vest to keep you afloat in remote regions where rescue may be sluggish in coming.

STEARNS Child Classic Series Life Vest, Red
  • US Coast Guard-approved child life vest
  • Great for boating, tubing, and swimming
  • Durable nylon shell with PE flotation foam
  • 3 adjustable buckles with a leg strap for a secure fit
  • Designed for children weighing 30 to 50 pounds

Near shore buoyant vestSafe Life Jackets

This “traditional” life jacket is available in numerous sizes for grownups and children and is for calm inland water where there is opportunity of fast rescue. It is less large and cheaper than an offshore and lots of will turn an unconscious individual face-up in the water.

Airhead Adult Universal Type 2 USCG Approved Life Jacket, Orange
  • Basic flotation for the boating enthusiast
  • Designed specifically to provide minimum buoyancy and turn an unconscious person face up in calm water situations
  • Waist belt, Absolute Outdoor Kent Adult Over 90-Pound Compliance PFD Type II Life Jacket (Orange)
  • Less bulky and affordable. USCG approved
  • The adult universal keyhole fits adults 90 lbs. and over (30"-52" chest)

Buoyancy aid

Safe Life JacketsThese life jackets are usually considered the most comfy, with designs for various boating activities and sports. They are for use in calm water where there readies opportunity of fast rescue given that they will generally not turn an unconscious individual face-up. Flotation aids been available in lots of sizes and designs.

Onyx 121900-100-004-17 Universal Paddle Vest - Red
  • Low profile, lightweight, compact design
  • High foam back accommodates high back seats; Breathable mesh lower back
  • Six adjustment straps to cinch vest up to fit snug; Comfortable neoprene shoulder pads
  • Large front pocket
  • U. S. Coast Guard Approved Type III Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

Throwable deviceSafe Life Jackets

These are designed to be thrown to a person in the water. Throwable devices include boat cushions, ring buoys, and horseshoe buoys. They are not designed to be worn and must be supplemented by wearable life vest. It is necessary to keep these devices immediately available for emergencies, and they need to not be used for little kids, non-swimmers, or unconscious individuals.

STEARNS Utility Flotation Cushion
  • Utility cushion doubles as a comfortable place to sit and as a flotation cushion
  • US Coast Guard-approved Type IV flotation device
  • Soft polyester shell and durable Crosstech flotation foam
  • Strong 1-inch webbed straps make it easy to hold onto and aid in rescue
  • Measures 16 x 14 inches

Special use devices

Safe Life JacketsUnique use devices include boardsailing vests, deck matches, pullover vests, work vests, some hybrid life jackets, inflatable life vest with ISAF/ORC harness and others. They are only appropriate for particular uses or conditions. Some meet the U.S. Coast Guard’s Carriage Laws just if used in accordance with the label.

Mustang Survival - HIT Inflatable Work Vest for Adults (Orange & Black - One Size Fits All), Auto Hydrostatic, Enhanced Mobility and Reduced Heat Stress, 35 lb. of Buoyancy
  • USCG Type V inflatable Work Vest
  • Approved for use on inspected and uninspected vessels of any size
  • 1F auto Hydrostatic Inflator Technology will automatically inflate under water pressure, not inadvertently in rain, spray or humidity
  • SecureZipTM closure stays shut in high winds and still opens easily on inflation
  • Provides 35 lb. of buoyancy when inflated - more than twice standard foam PFDs

Inflatable Life JacketsSafe Life Jackets

Inflatable life jackets depend on inflatable chambers that supply buoyancy when pumped up. Uninflated, inflatable life vest are less bulky than naturally buoyant life vest. Inflatables are available in a range of U.S. Coast Guard-defined efficiency types. The particular type of life vest is identified by attributes such as its quantity of buoyancy, its in-water performance and its type of inflation system. To comprehend the information of a life jacket, checked out the life vest label and owners manual, and consult your dealer or seller if essential. All inflatables consist of a backup oral inflation tube (which likewise functions as the deflation tube).

Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Vest, Red
  • Manually inflates when the wearer pulls the “Jerk to Inflate” handle
  • Equipped with back-up oral inflation. Minimum buoyancy of 22.5 pounds when inflated
  • In-Sight - shows GREEN if the product is armed and ready to use; shows RED if not ready to use
  • Provides comfort, safety, and peace of mind without knowing you have it on, until you may need it
  • Comfortable, lightweight, low profile design ; For persons 16 years of age and older; and over 80 lbs.

The Best Life Vest: Buying Overview (2020 )

There are a couple of crucial things to think about prior to investing in a life jacket. To come with a vest that fits your individual style as well as choice flawlessly, you’ll need to be aware of essentials such as dimension, style, weight ability, color, and also others that add very to the general performance of the PFD.


Every little thing comes down to the dimension of the life jacket. If the vest is as well little, there will be a movement limitation. If it takes place to be as well big, you’ll have difficulty staying afloat. The ideal dimension is established when you have the coat put on, as well as someone yanks the PFD up. If the jacket does not increase to your neck and also nose and remains in its place, congratulations, you’ve found your ideal size.


It’s important to have mesh drain panels contributed to the life jacket. They enable the PFD to dry quicker than average (hrs much faster), and give proper air flow. Therefore you will have the ability to supply superb like your back, preventing sweating and also perspiration.

Weight Capability

It’s important to be aware of the floating ability when you are choosing a life vest. Besides the dimension, the weight additionally takes an important place in for our guiding listing. That’s due to the fact that if you are overweight and also acquire a jacket that is indicated for lighter people, you may discover it quite useless.


The thought “color being useless” most likely undergoes your mind now, yet let me tell you why this is wrong. Brighter shades, especially orange and also yellow, give far better exposure. As well as individuals will have the ability to see you if you are 100 meters away from them. As a result rescue you.


The last vital column that constructs the acquiring decision. Nylon as well as neoprene are what you are seeking. They supply better resilience than other products. — a polyester life vest will last up to 5 years, while a neoprene one will certainly do it for 6 as well as a fifty percent years.

So, after you have actually read this entire overview, you now understand why a life vest is crucial to your safety and also how to choose one. If you do not want to trouble on your own with purchasing choices, we have actually done the grunt work for you and listed the very best life vest, depending on your budget.

Leave a comment below if you currently have a life jacket and we will more than happy to aid you with anything!

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