Parts Of Sailboat

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The typical sailboat consists of 8 vital parts: hull, tiller, rudder, mainsail, mast, boom, jib and keel. The hull is the shell of the boat, which includes all the internal components.

Parts Of Sailboat: What You Should Know

Its balanced shape balances the sailboat and reduces drag, or the backwards pull caused by friction, as it relocates the water. Within the hull in the stern, or back of the boat, is the tiller, which is connected to the rudder in the water. Think about the tiller as the boat’s guiding wheel and the rudder as the tire. To navigate a sailboat to the right, for example, you pull the tiller to the right side of the boat, triggering the rudder to alter its direction.

The nautical term for a sheave

A horizontal pole that connects to the mast and is used to extend the foot of the mainsail

The forward part of a boat

A pivoting plate used to stabilize a boat and decrease freedom

A fastening around or where lines can be protected

The primary structural body of a vessel, not consisting of superstructure, masts or rigging

A boat’s fixed undersea part used to prevent sideways drift and provide stability

Any piece of boat on a rope

A pole positioned vertically on a boat used to support sails

A line attached to a little boat’s bow used to connect it to a dock or another boat

A boat’s movable undersea steering board

A metal fitting frequently used to connect sails and halyards

Shrouds and stays
Wires that hold the mast upright (the front one is the forestay).

Struts attached to the mast to increase the holding power of the shrouds.

A boat’s afterpart.

A wood or metal “stick” used to turn the rudder.

A boat’s afterpart that is square to its centerline.

A steering device.

A metal drum-shaped object around which lines are covered to make trimming them simpler.

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