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Jigs for Bass Fishing

It would be challenging for anyone to inform you what you have to do to become a much better angler. Here I will introduce you how to choose and use jigs for successful bass fishing. Using Jigs for Bass Fishing With many techniques and various lures offered it boils down to picking the right one to… Read More »

Tips For Catching Smallmouth Bass

As far as I’m concerned, there are two kinds of smallmouth bass: big smallmouth, and everything else. Best way to catch smallmouth bass is following right steps of bass fishing from professionals. Here you can find most essential ones. How to Catch Big Smallmouth Bass I would categorize a big smallmouth as anything over five pounds.… Read More »

Best Places to Catch a Fish in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area offers a few of the best metropolitan fishing in the United States, with not only prime deep sea and coastline alternatives, however likewise its many lakes and reservoirs filled with quality freshwater trout and bass. Best Fishing Spots in San Francisco The Bay Area contains lots of fishing piers as well… Read More »

How To Catch Catfish

Ending up being a much better catfish angler is everything about understanding a few catfish fishing tips. Read the article to understand how to catch catfish without troubles. Useful Tips How To Catch Catfish You do not require the most pricey rod or an expensive boat to fill the boat up, but you do require a little… Read More »

Best Big Bass Lures

If you are going to catch really big bass you will need really good lures. We placed reviews of the best lures on a market. With the wide array of lures readily available, it seems like there are an almost boundless number of ways to capture bass. The Best Big Bass Lures Review However, big… Read More »

Fishing Hook Types and Sizes

Forbes declared the fishing hook one of the top 20 tools in the history of human kind in a 2005 issue of their publication. This goes to reveal exactly how important the fishing hook has been to mankind. Hook Types and Sizes Guide Today, there are numerous various types of hooks from handcrafted to top of… Read More »

Best Spots for Fishing in NJ

The following are my 5 favorite locations in New Jersey to fish. They consist of freshwater and saltwater. I fish these locations either on a boat, kayak or from the coastline. They are not noted in any specific order. Best Spots for Fishing in New Jersey #1. Marlu Lake Found in Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ, Marlu… Read More »

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is a kind of fishing that needs deep waters and typically takes place further far from land. Understanding of Deep Sea Fishing The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing territory. This fishing technique is also typically called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, and huge game… Read More »

Best Places to Catch a Fish in Los Angeles

Urban fishing might not be the first thing that enters your mind when you’re aiming to have some enjoyable in LA, however do not ignore the quantity of options available in The United States and Canada’s second-biggest metropolis. What Are the Best Places to Fish In LA? Los Angeles and its numerous districts are home… Read More »

Best Fishing in United States

If you are looking for the best places to fish in the United States, we will try to help you. Every angler dreams of catching that monster fish, whether for boasting reasons or merely for the pleasure of attracting a quality enemy. Best Places to Fish in the United States Each lake, river, and coastline… Read More »