Ocean Kayak Fishing Accessories

I can hardly believe it is already September and we are on the brink of the fall run.

I hope that already you’ve had as fantastic of a kayak-fishing season as I have. This season has been a fascinating one for sure! I have seen an amazing boost in the variety of brand-new kayak anglers, from kids, to cash-strapped boat anglers, to shore-bound anglers tired of fighting for area on the beach. Kayak fishing has definitely progressed from a small contingent of anglers into a strong segment of the angling population.

What Accessories Do You Need for Ocean Kayak Fishing?

For new anglers, the dive to obtaining your feet wet in kayak fishing at first appears challenging. The summer season offer a great chance to obtain in a kayak for the very first time, on a lake or pond, and find out the essentials of kayak-fishing. As anglers gain experience, they have the tendency to become more efficient and confident on the water.

When September rolls around, a lot of the anglers that had their first ocean kayak-fishing experience during the summer will be all set to take it up a notch, and experience new and interesting aspects of kayak angling that correspond well with the unique fishing chances that present themselves this time of year. The angler that introduced a kayak for the first time on a little pond in May might be ready to take advantage of the excellent fall fishing for striped bass from a kayak once September rolls around.

Simply as the beginning kayaker has a long list of questions about the essentials of kayaking, the angler seeking to get more severe about fishing from a kayak likewise requires some assistance, whether it’s about safety, rudders, anchors, rod holders, dog crates, or even clothing, and those are the questions I want to use this column to address.

First I’ll share a bit about my overall technique to kayak angling. I am very cautious and prefer to spend a great quantity of time preparing each trip out. Despite the idea I took into my preparation for each trip, I still do my very best to keep things as easy as possible. I pack and plan each trip based upon one extremely simple rule: my gear and my tactical plan must always improve my odds of an optimal angling presentation, but without compromising safety.

With that in mind, here are some common concerns I see from kayakers planning to take that next step, and the best responses that I can give.

Rudders for Ocean Kayak Fishing

Excellent boats do not need a rudder. Having that said, there are two excellent reasons to use a rudder. First, not all kayaks are sleek, aerodynamic ocean-going vessels. Many are larger boats with larger beams and more freeboard so they turn slowly and tend to capture more wind. A rudder makes these boats navigate much better and allows the angler to position them more effectively. Second of all, wind is the terrific equalizer. No matter what unique fishing kayak you may own, the wind is a constant factor. It can blow you from optimal fishing presentations. In addition, paddling in a strong quartering wind for any distance without a rudder needs excellent method and a lot of strength. As a beginning paddler, one can not be anticipated to do that efficiently or safely right now.

Anchors and Stakeout Poles for Ocean Kayak Fishing

Being able to stay stationary in an optimum area will usually maximize your opportunity at fishing success, but a word should be said here about safety. I do not like the mix of ropes, kayaks and current. Not one bit. I know lots of anglers who do it and do it safely. They use quick-release float systems and have found ways to decrease the amount of loose rope around the deck. They approach its use with caution and respect. You can end up being separated from your boat quickly in a present, and you can also turn your boat truly easily while using an anchor. For that reason, I don’t think an anchor system makes my essential list.

Apparel for Ocean Kayak Fishing

Drywear is a major part of kayak fishing in the Northeast. A whole article might be written just about the appropriate kayaking clothing. Hypothermia is a real danger for a considerable part of our season. There are lots of methods to guarantee that you’ll likely remain warm and dry while kayaking. Drysuits are best, however they are costly. Waterproof socks and paddle pants are O.K., and work well to resist a splash of water, however are ultimately not enough if you flip your kayak in very cold water and cannot recuperate right away. You will get wet after a moment, and even if you rapidly self-rescue if you are any range from a warm, dry place, you may be in big difficulty. Waders seemingly fix this problem, however just to the waist. There are lots of professional kayak anglers that advocate their use. I remain in the camp that does not.

Waders have an easy defect that no quantity of creative discourse can alter. There is no true water tight seal. Duration. If you go in, you will eventually get damp. If you are separated from your boat you are once again in an unpleasant, and possibly fatal, location. If you are conflicted, my advice would be to get in touch with the U.S. Coast Guard. They need to have the last word. Let me know what they tell you. My drysuit is as comfortable as pajamas and the peace of mind is priceless.

Rod Holders for Ocean Kayak Fishing

The battle for the best kayak rod holder frequently boils down to two business: Scotty and Ram rod holders. The winner? They both win. I have many products from both business. The Scotty is plastic and uses a ratcheting system. They are really versatile and have numerous items to match practically any fishing application. The Ram uses a metal ball install system and includes a lower profile. The ball mount offers 100 percent articulation of your rod holder. I keep mine 85 percent tightened and when I get a struck the holder swings back and right into my hands, which suggests no reaching.

Which rod holder you choose will also depend upon your boat. Some boats do not have the space for Scotty installs, while others are seemingly molded to accept them. The option is yours. You should think about simplicity in your choice. I do not encourage embellishing your boat with a picket fence of rod holders. Start with one, perhaps two. Try one in front and one in the back. Please make sure to paddle your boat before you install them. Positioning a mount even a couple of inches to far forward or astern can place your rod uncomfortably, as well as dangerously, out of reach. Likewise, in keeping with my guideline about safety, you need to discover that aiming to turn a boat back over and self-rescue with a picket fence of rod holders would be really challenging at best.

Crates for Ocean Kayak Fishing

You can make them, mold them as well as purchase some really sweet crates, and depending upon your individual preference, they make ideal sense. You can efficiently pack a ton of stuff in a crate. My recommendations is not to load them too full. Its difficult to obtain whatever back in when you’re on the water. They are an excellent way to make sure your gear is contained and safe. They do, nevertheless, catch an excellent bit of wind. They will affect your positioning in wind. I likewise discover them awkward to get gear in and out of. I often use dry bags connected to the well area, which I simply pull up and put in my lap to obtain my equipment. I likewise designed a trolley system under my center hatch to hold a great deal of terminal equipment and stuff I desire rapidly in hand without having to twist around.

Use September to practice and get familiar with your gear. If you are an accomplished kayak angler, it’s a great time to prepare your technique for when the fish start getting spirited as the water cools. When September rolls into October, you will get your opportunity for a shot at the amazing fall migration of stripers and blues. You’ll likewise have a shot at one of the most enjoyable fish to capture in a kayak, the false albacore!