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Boat Safety Equipment

By | October 28, 2019

To enjoy a safe day boating on the water with your family and friends, this is the necessary boat safety equipment you must have on board.


The United States Coast Guard needs you to have an authorized lifejacket likewise called individual flotation devices, or PFDs, per passenger and a minimum of two on board. An extra throwable flotation device is needed if the vessel is 16 feet or more in length. Ensure the lifejackets are in great condition and easily accessible.


Maintain a first aid kit equipped with basic supplies including gauze, plasters, cleaning pads, aspirin, etc. Check expiration dates periodically and change products as needed.


Signaling devices and sound-making devices are required on all boats. Sound-making devices consist of a horn, a bell or a whistle. If you’re operating your boat in a coastal area, you’re also needed to have day and nighttime flares. Make certain flares are available and kept in a dry place.


Bring a minimum of one fire extinguisher, the number and types of fire extinguishers required by the U.S. Coast Guard will depend on the length of your vessel. Make certain your fire extinguisher is approved by your state and remains in ideal condition. Inspect your state for more boating guidelines and policies.


A VHF radio is necessary for present-day weather information on the NOAA Weather Radio band. The United States Coast Guard and other authorities keep an eye on VHF channel 16 for boaters in distress and post essential warnings and bulletins for mariners. Many radios also have a distress beacon that can be run through the GPS to offer exact coordinates to search-and-rescue teams.


Bring two additional dock lines in case you come across uncommon conditions dockside or in case you or another boater is stranded and requires a lift. Dock lines also are available in useful when you need to bind to somebody’s pier. Every boat must have a sufficient anchor to avoid running aground in bad weather condition or as a result of engine failure.


Follow in addition to Take Me Fishing as we share boating safety ideas and reveal you all the appropriate gear required for water safety when fishing. It is very important that you have all the needed boating safety gear on board, prior to you head out on the water.

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