Boat Power Pole Reviews

They could charge twice as much and I would still have two on my Boat Power Poles. Everywhere I go I get asked “what are those things holding up on the back of your boat?” Well they are Power Poles, the next thing you are going to want to add to your rig.

Listed below are bestselling Boat Power Pole which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Why to Buy Boat Power Pole?

Power Poles are a hydraulic shallow water anchor which will calmly anchor your boat with the push of a button in depths of 8 feet or less. You don’t need to have a bass boat to use this terrific product, it will fit on almost any fishing boat out there. There is likewise a 6 foot version and numerous color choices so you can get one to match your boat.

Power Poles are simple to set up and they are practically unbreakable. It does not matter how tough the wind is blowing you can fish your spots. They hold you securely in location in wind, current and waves and lets you use the trolling motor less so you’re quieter and conserve battery life. No more dead batteries due to the fact that you were combating the wind or present all day.

They go up and down in seconds and are whisper peaceful locking you down right where you want to be. There are hundreds of scenarios where having a Boat Power Pole provides you a substantial benefit in truth there are many I am not even going to attempt to note them.

I hear men stating all the time that they simply can’t justify spending the cash for something they won’t use that much. Believe me you will use these things. Many days I put mine up and down hundreds of times. I don’t know of anybody who has put one on their boat and took it off due to the fact that they didn’t love the important things. I would feel under geared up out there without them now, it would be almost like fishing without a trolling motor.

Right now we are starting to see a growing number of Boat Power Poles here in Ontario and I know that within a couple of years most competition people will see the benefits just like they maded with Side Imaging. Now a days if you don’t have side imaging (Hummingbird) or side scan (Lowrance) then you are missing out and it’s really unusual to see a competition boat without these systems.

Boat Power Pole

Power Poles will be the exact same method an extremely short time and if you want to get an advantage over the competition I suggest you get one now before you are playing capture up.

For those of you who are interested in adding a Power Pole to your boat contact the men at Go Power Sports. They lie in Portland, ON and for those beyond eastern Ontario Boat Power Pole has three other dealerships across the province and one in Varennes, Quebec.

The Best Shallow Water Anchors Reviewed

Best Power-Pole: Power-Pole CM2.0 Blade

JL Marine Power-Pole CM2.0 Blade Series
  • Soft Close System
  • Available up to 10ft deep
  • Powder coated finish
  • Down and away deployment
  • Drive-off protection

This power-pole comes from the CM2.0 brand-new phase of power-pole styles to come from JL Marine. As well as we like it. Everything concerning it states high quality.

Take the soft close system. You would certainly anticipate to listen to a minimum of something when it shuts, however no, it does not make any type of audible noise at all.

It does it by reducing right prior to it finishes closing, and relieving in to make sure that it closes truly delicately.

Anyway, something really handy concerning the CENTIMETERS 2.0 Blade is that it has drive off protection, so you will not harm your Power-Pole if you neglect to disengage it before moving off.

It works by having a hydraulic system that disengages automatically when you begin moving. Pretty neat, huh?

You manage it with your smartphone the complimentary C-Monster app. It’s readily available on both Android as well as iphone, naturally.

With the application, you can personalize your anchor settings to match your fishing style.

The Power-Pole CM2.0 Blade is offered in blue, black, white or red.

What We Like:

Genuine Life Time Warranty on the Everflex Spike– That’s exactly how confident JL Marine Equipments are in their item and its drive off protection.
Repel Protection– Satisfaction that you will not damage it also in an emergency situation drive-off.
Extremely Strong– This is the greatest and fastest power-pole on the market. It’s likewise soft-closing also, and overall very quiet to operate.

Lower Budget Alternative: Power-Pole CM2.0 Sportsman II

Seachoice 43810 Beach Spike - PWC or Small Boat Beach Anchor - Self-Hammering Action with Rubber-Coated Handle, For Boats up to 22 Feet,Steel
  • Convenient, portable Beach Spike provides reliable beach tie-down point for PWC and small boats
  • Effective self-hammering action makes it easy to drive Beach Spike into sand
  • Integrated loop atop Beach Spike is a secure tie-down point for line connected to PWC
  • Durable rubber coating on handle provides protection and a sure grip
  • Size Small

The Sportsperson II is an additional CM2.0 power pole from JL Marine that fulfills the same function as the Blade design, other than it’s for a more affordable rate point.

That makes it ideal for those of you that are seeking a spending plan friendly choice, however one that’s really very excellent, and also not simply some glorified stakeout stick.

It has the ability to support watercrafts in superficial water up to 8 feet deep with just as much rooting-force as the more costly Blade version, other than the distinction is in its max speed, together with not having actually ported arms and also a couple of other differences in its building and construction.

For the speed difference we’re talking about here, this set can anchor from 0-8ft in 5.58 secs, while the Blade can secure that same distance in 4.025 secs.

Not only that, the Blade can go 10 feet deep, while this one is just available as an 8 ft depth support.

Essentially, this is the one to choose if you’re already assuming that purchasing a power pole is a little bit expensive for you.

You get the very best bang for your buck with this one. To butcher that phrase: you obtain every one of the bang that actually matters, for much less of “the dollar.”

What We Like:

All of the Power, at a Reduced Price– The very same base performance as the most effective design of the Power-Pole. Both versions can quickly anchor boats considering approximately 4,500 pounds.

Exceptionally Silent Pump– This design utilizes the quietest pump that JL Marine need to provide.

Finest Budget Sand Anchor for Little Watercrafts: SandShark Ultimate (XL).

New Sport Sand Shallow Water Beach Anchor by SandShark. Boats, Pontoons, PWC, Kayak. Patent Pending Design. Snaps Together, Easy Storage, Easy to Use. 4' Tall.
  • ★ "OH NO OUR BOAT IS DRIFTING AWAY!" You'll never hear that shout again after you use the SandShark Sport Anchor. It drills down into the sand with a premium screw auger. You get a rock solid hold that simply won't let loose on its own. We provide the Best Boating Accessories!
  • ★ PERFECT FOR SHALLOW WATER, BEACH, SHORE, SANDBAR- all the places you want to take your Boat, Pontoon, Waverunner, Yamaha, or Seadoo. Never worry about it hitting the beach, rocks, or another watercraft! Tether off the beach in shallow water with your Sand Shark Anchor.
  • ★ DESIGN: Our quality built Sport Anchor is made of high strength, engineering grade plastic with high strength composite resin. The patent pending design allows you to easily turn the anchor down into the sand. Lightweight, easy to use and easy to store! It will be one of your favorite Boating Accessories!
  • ★ WHY AN AUGER ANCHOR? When you screw the auger down into the sand, the hole fills with sand. Then, the water holds down the sand and creates a “suction” to prevent the anchor from “pulling-out”. This equals tremendous “HOLDING POWER” and gives you peace of mind and security to enjoy the hot summer days!!!
  • ★ GET YOURS TODAY! We are confident that you will love your new Sport Anchor. If you are not satisfied, our products are always backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked!

The costs screw auger is really what makes this shine.

That’s how you can secure your watercraft incredibly with one of these, even though it isn’t a real power pole.

You simply obtain a strong hold with this shallow water support that you could not ever get with a standard survey post style.

What’s more, is that it’s also collapsible down right into a great and small state for very easy storage space, as you can see below.

It’s an easy as well as easy to use design, as well as you’ll never be left feeling like you wished you obtained something that can get a far better hold.

The only downsides of choosing this superficial water anchoring remedy is that it’s just for sand, and also it’s manually run by hand, considering that it’s not a hands-free power pole.

What We Like:.

Outstanding Hang On Sand and also Shallows– For a hand-operated shallow water support, you can not really beat the costs auger on this set.
Strong Building– This one is made from solid, excellent quality stainless steel in addition to anodized aluminium.

Finest Stake Out Post for Kayaks: YakAttack ParkNPole.

YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder with LockNLoad Track Mounting Base
  • Works flawlessly with spinning, casting, larger conventional reels (even fly rods of all sizes)
  • Allows spinning reels to be stowed in the natural downward position, not hung off the side
  • A 360-degree rotating collar offers the ability to quickly secure the rod by capturing the reel
  • Multiple modes allow anglers to easily stage rods for quick access or lock them in for maximum security
  • GearTrac/Rod not included

The ParkNPole is made from developed fiberglass and UV maintained, wear-resistant nylon.

It works finest in sand or silt bottom rivers, and also it’ll hold itself completely great in swift waters.

The suggestion’s likewise durable, which is something that’s actually vital in a scout pole.

Frequently you’ll obtain a survey post where the idea snaps off at some point and you’re entrusted a hollow tube that takes up dust into it.

If you’re seeking a survey pole that’s additionally a better length for propulsion, then check out the 8 ft long variation that’s even more planned as a press pole.

What We Like:.

Solid, Durable Materials– This is a pole that’ll last a long period of time, not one that’ll damage as well as leave your kayak drifting away.

Company Hold in Sand as well as Silt Bottomed Rivers– A great grasp to keep you in place suggests it’s likewise easy to use. No messing around with trying to get it in the ideal position. It simply works.

Big Power, Small Size

Equally as its name indicates, the Micro Support is a small unit. It has a little footprint and won’t evaluate a boat down, either. It can be found in two pieces (leaving out the Micro Spike): a durable mounting bracket and also motorist electric motor; together, they consider concerning 7 1/2 extra pounds.

The 60-watt, high-torque electric chauffeur electric motor runs making use of Power-Pole’s C-Monster wireless control modern technology to provide rapid and quiet stopping power in water as deep as 8 feet making use of a removable 8 1/2- foot-long spike. As soon as deployed, the heavy-duty spike fires right down and drives into the bottom, quiting the boat in its path immediately.

Exactly how I Did It

I decided to make use of the flexible mounting brace as well as mounted it to the outside of the transom using the supplied stainless screws, nuts as well as washers. This installing approach called for drilling 4 holes and also carefully putting the brace to make certain the device was mounted degree, above the waterline and with adequate clearance for protecting the driver motor to the bracket.

Situating the boat’s waterline is simply an issue of putting the watercraft in the water and after that noting the waterline prior to mounting the installing brace. A dab of top quality marine-grade water sealant can be injected into each screw hole to prevent leakages once everything is buttoned up. Power-Pole offers detailed instructions that are plenty adequate for coaching anybody with basic hand tools and also respectable handyman skills with the installment process.

Placing it With each other

As soon as the placing bracket is installed on the boat, the motorist electric motor unit protects swiftly and also conveniently utilizing a quick-release clamp screw, hex locks and a modification nut. Loosening up the change nut enables the driver electric motor to be readjusted up or down to achieve the appropriate angle so the spike drives straight down.

Boat Power Pole

Exactly how it Functions

Unlike the hydraulic Power-Poles located on large boats, the Micro Support operates strictly off of battery power. The low-RPM electric motor deploys, pulls back as well as protects the 3/4-inch spike so quietly that I can’t also hear it run. When retracted, the spike can be left in the park position while running to the next spot, or easily gotten rid of and also stored in the two included rubber clamps created to mount to the watercraft deck.

Powering Up

The unit can be wired to a 12-volt battery or made use of with an optional rechargeable lithium battery pack that Power-Pole states will provide as numerous as 100 deployment/retraction cycles when completely billed. The chauffeur device links utilizing a male plug port at the end of the provided power cord. I attached mine to the same battery that supplies juice to my deepness finder and Minn Kota trolling motor.

Packed with Features

Power Pole’s C-Monster innovation allows for full remote operation as well as making use of numerous C-Monster applications so you can tailor support setups and keep track of the performance from a suitable smart device. Each anchor features a vital fob on a neck lanyard plus a wireless dashboard switch.

Either can be utilized to put the system into the “Wave Setting.” This informs the support to re-drive the spike and also take in waves to hold tighter in rough water. The dash switch also can be used to set two supports for simultaneous usage as well as for readjusting release and also retraction rates.

The major drive device features a topside control board that enables operation without the remotes and for readjusting the quantity of driving pressure delivered to the spike based on the problems as well as size of the watercraft. The panel also shows battery power degrees.

There are also dealerships all over the United States and for those beyond North America they have dealers in Australia, Italy, France, Japan and the Netherlands. Thank you for reading this Boat Power Pole.

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