Best Places to Catch a Fish in San Francisco

Fishing Piers In San Francisco Bay Area offers a few of the best metropolitan fishing in the United States, with not only prime deep sea and coastline alternatives, however likewise its many lakes and reservoirs filled with quality freshwater trout and bass.

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Best Fishing Spots in San Francisco

The Bay Area contains lots of fishing piers as well as more charting services to appease any angler. Here are 10 great places to capture a fish in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those fishing in southern California, take a look at 10 Places to Capture a Fish in Los Angeles.


Best Places to Catch a Fish in San Francisco

For Bay Area anglers, there isn’t really a more popular location for city fishing in San Francisco than the world famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Found on the northern edge of the San Francisco peninsula, the wharf is a sanctuary for seafood restaurants, fishing piers, countless charters, and ongoing public events and tourist attractions. Like all shorelines in the Bay Area, sturgeon, sharks, flounder, and a variety of perch can be captured along any of the fishing piers scattered throughout the shoreline. The wharf likewise works as the gateway for boat fishing in the Bay itself and has easy access to deep sea places out on the ocean to the west.


The second longest pier in San Francisco at 840 feet in length, Pier 7 is just southeast of the Fisherman’s Wharf. As popular as the wharf is, Pier 7 functions as one of the most productive piers in the area. What makes it so special is not just its exceptional fishery, however its old-style appeal, despite being newly re-built a few decades back. Water gets close to 40 feet in depth, which is relatively deep for the Bay Area piers. Head farther up the pier for starry go to pieces and closer to shore for a range of perch consisting of spotted seaperch and pileperch. Large leopard sharks can also be captured on Pier 7.


Located 2 miles east of San Francisco International Airport, along the northern coast of the San Mateo County. This leisure area is a popular location for windsurfers, cruising, beaches, and biking. The point is popular for having a prime sturgeon fishery, specifically in the fall and early winter season. Fishing off the point is best served for boaters who can get out into much deeper waters, but fish can be caught from shore as well. There are also fishing charters readily available on site for non-boat owners.


If you can brave the winds that can whip through the park then you’ll be rewarded with a variety of fish year-round. Perch, kingfish, shark, sturgeon, flounder, and rays are simply a few of the fish you can land here. There are two public fishing piers on site, simply be forewarned that the park is just open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The main fishing pier itself is located at Sunrise Point and can get crowded at certain parts of the year, specifically when the sturgeon relocation in to eat smaller fish and eggs. The park is located in San Francisco County along the southeast portion of the peninsula.


By far and away the greatest pier in San Francisco County at 1,850 feet. Halibut, skates, rays, lots of types of perch, rockfish, and even sharks (leopard and brown smoothead). The pier is delighted in by tourists and joggers, and given its place – the northern edge of the peninsula near Fort Mason and just west of Angler’s Wharf – this is a hectic destination come summer.


Perhaps the best fishing lake in the Bay area, located four miles northwest of Orinda in Contra Costa County. Equipped with trout and channel catfish. 855 surface acres and 14 miles of coastline. The tank is most well-known for its rainbow trout, with fish reaching over 20 pounds. The bass fishery is popular as well, boasting a largemouth bass record of 18 pounds. Periodically sturgeon are caught, with specimens reaching over 100 pounds, however the types is unusual. The reservoir requires a fishing permit, nevertheless, with day-to-day licenses costing $4.50. This is a drinking water tank that restricts any kind of body contact with the water, implying pitching in the water is not enabled when coast fishing. Boats are allowed, however with heavy limitations.


This 140-acre lake is located in Marin County and is roughly a 45-minute drive from downtown San Francisco. Bon Tempe offers a few of the greatest catch rates for trout in Marin County, in addition to a good bass fishery. The lake is sandwiched between Alpine Lake to the north and Lake Lagunitas to the south. Rainbow trout are usually captured at lengths of 11-14 inches. Boats are not permitted whatsoever and like San Pablo reservoir, neither is body-contact with the water.


Among the best fishing piers in the whole state of California. The sheer variety of different types you can capture is what makes this such a popular fishing destination. Depending upon the time of year you can capture salmon, flounder, large perch, halibut, pompano, and much more different types. This L-shaped pier faces the ocean on the western edge of the San Francisco Peninsula, just north of Pacifica. With all the variety of types readily available, it is recommended to bring along multiple rods and lots of gear in case you seem like changing strategies.


Other good spot for fishing in San Francisco is Horseshoe Lake.  The lake is equipped with trout and has a healthy largemouth and smallmouth bass population. There is a boat launch, however only boats approximately 17 feet in length are allowed. No gas motors are allowed, making this lake ideal for canoe and kayak anglers. Fishing from coast can be simply as productive as from a boat.

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Maybe the most checked out pier in all the Bay Area, the Berkeley Fishing Pier is quickly available, open 24 Hr, and surrounded with useful facilities such as cleaning stations, bathrooms, and bait stores. Located near the crossway of University Avenue and the Eastshore Freeway, the pier extends over 3,000 feet, making it not only one of the biggest piers in the Bay Area, however all of California. The normal perch, sharks, rays, and go to pieces can be caught here, but halibut and striped bass can likewise be had.

The excellent aspect of Fishing Piers In San Francisco is that the city really accepts its fishing culture. Whether you’re new to the sport and looking for assistance or an experienced angler searching for a challenge, the Bay Area will have the best fit for you someplace. Always be wary of the regulations for each location you fish. Take a look at the California Fish and Game site for marine protected areas along the California coast.

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