Best Places to Catch a Fish in Los Angeles

Catch Fish Los Angeles might not be the first thing that enters your mind when you’re aiming to have some enjoyable in LA, however do not ignore the quantity of options available in The United States and Canada’s second-biggest metropolis.

What Are the Best Places to Fish In LA?

Los Angeles and its numerous districts are home to a number of lakes and tanks filled with satisfying game fish to capture. For those who want to land something a little larger, a journey to the Pacific Ocean shoreline can yield trophy fish. Here’s a look at 10 places, both fresh and saltwater, where you can catch a fish in Los Angeles.

ECHO PARK LAKEBest Places to Catch a Fish in Los Angeles

It’s difficult to picture catching fish in a place that is more urban than Echo Lake, located simply a mile west of Dodger Stadium and a brief drive from the downtown core of LA. Like lots of urban parks, carp reigns supreme, however for anglers trying to find a more difficult game fish to hook onto, there’s also catfish, bluegill, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass. Like with numerous lakes around Los Angeles, Echo Lake is equipped with rainbow trout in cooler months, and with catfish in warmer seasons. Offered the contamination levels from urban run-off in this lake, catch-and-release is suggested.


Another equipped lake, Lincoln Park Lake is a fantastic place to take the kids for an afternoon of fishing. Simply a short drive northeast from downtown in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, Lincoln Lake is another carp hotspot, but catfish thrive here also. Winning Techniques: Getting back to essentials is not just academic for kids, but a great tip for veteran fishers. Pete Bowman and his sons join Angelo Viola and his grand son on episode 13 of Fish ‘n Canada.


You don’t require a boat or need to rent out a charter to enjoy the thrills of saltwater fishing. The Venice Fishing Pier’s 1300-foot length (400 meters) ensures you’ll go out far enough to capture some monster fish. Halibut, barracuda, queenfish, sharks, and white sea bass are a few of the primary types Venice anglers have actually grown familiar with bringing in. Be sure to equip the appropriate fishing rigs and a gaff hook on a rope to transport up your catch. Enjoy Video: Learn how pointers and tricks to fish off a pier here.


Paired with Echo Lake, Hollenbeck Park Lake is the closest fishing area possible to downtown LA, and as an outcome among the busiest spots in the city. Found east of downtown past the LA River, and beside the Golden State Highway, Hollenbeck Lake supplies much of the same normal species of fish found elsewhere in the area; bass, carp, and crappie. The lake is restocked every other Friday, with rainbow trout and catfish in the cold and warm seasons, respectively.


Located in the city of South el Monte in West LA County, Legg Lake is a popular destination for crappie. The panfish can get huge here, though it’s more of an obstacle to obtain the bigger ones. There’s likewise largemouth bass and equipped rainbow trout, however both types are difficult to find. This is a great lake for shore casting with many good grass areas and fishing docks to assist you out.


This substantial pier is -over 2000 feet (609 meters) with several layers to fish from; such as, below the pier when casting for perch. As fishing is just among many needs to walk the pier, expect a lot of traffic while you’re out there. Halibut is the prize fish of option given its difficulty and size, with yellowtail, seabass, and mackerel the more common types to catch. Towards the end of the pier, anglers can try their luck with sharks and rays.


If surf or fly fishing is your game, than the northern part of the Dockweiler State Park will be your favorite destination. Located by the Los Angeles International Airport, this beach is filled with schools of perch, croakers, and corbina. Fishing tournaments are likewise held here every year.


Southern California is understood for its catfish, and Alondra Park Lake in the South Bay area is among the best in Los Angeles County. Regularly equipped in summertime, Alondra Park Lake includes blue, channel, and flathead catfish, in addition to other fish types such as largemouth bass and crappie.


There are several spots along the LA River that can produce catchable fish, however the Elysian Valley, simply down from the Two Freeway – Golden State and Glendale – is your best choice. Substantial carp can be found here, offering a great battle in an extremely metropolitan area. Finding a school is the real ticket – it prevails to see lots of beast carp jumping out of the water simultaneously. Bass and the periodic steelhead can be captured, however carp is the primary species.


Sure, the beach is more popular for its sun-tanning, browsing, and swimming, however that does not imply it isn’t a hotspot for fishing also, specifically if you’re a fan of halibut. The Redondo Fishing Pier allows for probably a few of the best halibut fishing in the state, let alone Los Angeles. This horseshoe-shaped pier does not jut out as far as other piers in LA, so capturing sharks and rays is more tough. Night-time can offer the trophies you might be after for those type of types, otherwise, it’s everything about the halibut. And it’s not almost the pier as you can discover success both on the beach or in a boat offshore.

It’s hard to beat Los Angeles for the variety of fish offered in between cities in North America. If you live closer to downtown or far from the coast, there are several freshwater lakes and reservoirs to whet your hunger. Otherwise, a brief trek to the ocean-side will grant you access to piers, beaches, and charters to deal with sea fish. So long as you check the policies for your destination and carry your license, you can make the City of Angels your fishing play ground.

Note: Numerous metropolitan lakes and piers in Los Angeles do not have 24-hour fishing times. Be sure to examine the hours of operation for each park or pier prior to going out.