Best Fishing Line: Reviews and Buying Guide

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So you’re attempting to choose which line is best for you, but you are not exactly sure where to begin. There are many various types of fishing line out there that it can be a little frustrating in the beginning. We here at Fishing Tips Expert decided that it’s time we did a thorough evaluation and overview of help anglers pick which line is best for them. There actually is no “best fishing line” period; it all depends on your requirements. This guide will go through the different line types, when it’s best to use each type, which brand names are best, and some fishing line evaluates to help you select the one that meets your needs. We intend to upgrade this page frequently to make sure the details remains precise.

Monofilament vs braided vs Fluorocarbon– Which one is best?

These are the 3 classifications of fishing line that you will discover at your local deal with store. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and they all vary in price point. Here’s a summary of each classification:

Monofilament Line
A single strand of nylon


  • Easy to tie knots with– can use basically any knot style successfully
  • Hard for fish to see underwater
  • Good strength
  • Cheap and effective for most needs
  • Versatile making it simpler to cast and less most likely to snap due to a large strike
  • Doesn’t sink fast and comes in a variety of colors making it easy to match the water type


  • Damages with time due to wetness and UV light
  • Normally needs a thick line to get excellent strength
  • Stretchiness makes it hard to find delicate fish
  • It absorbs water

Mono is an excellent standard line and is still frequently used all over. This line is advised for people just starting out or individuals on a tighter budget plan. I have actually captured fish well over 25 lbs on mono line with no concerns along with fish well under 1 lb. If your serious about fishing and invest a lot of time out on the water I would be utilizing among the other two styles of line.

Braided Line
Likewise referred to as microfilament line. This line includes braided hairs of ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene.


  • Solid line with little to no stretching in it
  • Super thin line to strength ratio
  • Does not take in water and does not weaken easy
  • No memory or altering shape
  • Can fit more line on the spindle


  • Costly– the most of the lines
  • Can be difficult to connect knots with/ alter out lures

This line is my go to line.It is the most costly but to me the expense is well worth it. It is very strong line especially for the size. If you are serious about fishing this is most likely the line that you want to go with.

Fluorocarbon Line
Made from a single strand of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).


  • Incredibly thin and extremely low presence
  • Does not stretch nearly as much as mono and is much more powerful than mono
  • Great for a fly fishing rig
  • Good for drifting lures and baits
  • More powerful hook sets


  • Lots of line breaks/knot breaks if you don’t tie properly
  • Not great on spinning reels
  • Pricey
  • Sinks quick so not terrific in all scenarios

General fluorocarbon is a terrific type of line, and should be used over mono most of the times. It is not as strong as braided which is why I do not frequently use it. It also isn’t fantastic in a spinning reel which is what most fisherman in my area use. It is costly, but to me the expenditure may be worth it. One great time to use fluorocarbon line is one three way swivels or as a running line at the end of your rig. A couple feet of this line helps in reducing presence and is cost efficient. I also use fluorocarbon line when pursuing finicky fish like trout or in areas with really clear and feasible waters that you have to disguise the line.

Top 3 Fishing Line– The Best Reviews of 2016

Spiderwire Ultracast Fluoro Braid

This is my preferred line on the market. It is terrific in practically any scenario. You get all the advantages of braided line (strength, stiff, low diameter) plus the sink ability and low visibility of a fluorocarbon line. It’s a cross in between a fluoro and a braid made with Gore fluoropolymer and Dyneema fiber blend. The only failure is the price. This line is actually expensive, and is probably not worth it for newbies or hobby fisherman. But if you are serious about your sport, than this is the line for you.


Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Superline

This is another great line by Spiderwire. It your fishing in clear waters, or for types that are a bit more sensitive than this is the line for you. Its cast-ability is second to none and it has very low viability. It is a braided/fluoro line– giving you some strength and low presence homes. One significant downfall is the white color tends to “stain” in time. It is available in at an affordable price though, making this a must have line for anglers of all skill level.


Power Pro Braided

Simply a great solid braided line. This is an actually popular seller, and for a great reason. It’s a terrific braided line- and readies in numerous settings. Most importantly this line is relatively low-cost compared with other luxury lines. It is excellent for casting and trolling and will not snap. It has good presence, and reels in smooth. This is a good item for an angler on a budget.

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