Best Catfish Rods

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Best Catfish Rods are a sector of catfishing gear that I lost a great deal of cash on for many years. I have actually wasted more money on rods that weren’t a good “fit” than other area of catfish gear.

Listed below are bestselling Best Catfishing Rods which satisfy both affordability and quality.

A few of this was due to poor research study on my part, some was due to producer defects or deficiencies.

Much of this was because of changes in fishing design and truly getting a firm understanding of what a fishing rod can and can refrain from doing, in addition to how to utilize each element of the fishing rod.

Completion objective is to have a set of catfish that’s perfect for each catfishing technique and species.

Here’s what I’m searching for when choosing catfish rods:

  • Performs under the stress and abuse that it’ll take from prize blues and flatheads
  • Is light enough to “finesse fish” and capture 1– 5 pound catfish
  • Holds up well and takes repeated long term abuse (I do not “baby” my catfishing equipment).
  • Cost reliable (as much as I would like to be able to buy $250 fishing rods, I can’t/ won’t).

What Are the Best Catfish Rods

The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Rods covers exactly what you need to understand about picking the right catfish rods. As a professional catfish guide I depend on having the right gear to put fish in the boat and do so as effectively as possible. Rather than losing cash on purchasing the wrong equipment, you can use my experience as a guide.

B’n’M Poles Silver Cat Magnum

best catfishing rods

The crappie pole specialists at B ‘n’ M know catfish, too. So when they released the Silver Feline rods last year, these flashy sticks were consulted with immediate enthusiasm. The brand name brand-new Silver Cat Magnum rods are developed to tame big blues and flatheads, and with muscle to spare. Like the initial Silver Cat, the 100-percent fiberglass blanks on the Magnums sport wrapped nylon cord grips for incredibly sure handling. Heavy-duty actions start with mega backbone and end with level of sensitivity in the pointer. 8 “Super Slick” guides and graphite reel seats enhance this three-rod series. Two casting models consist of 8 and 7-1/2 footers and one 8-foot, 2-piece spinning rod, each rated for 25 to 50 pound test line. 

Berkley Glowstik

best catfishing rods

Vital for night-fishing adventures, the Glowstik sports a sweet light-activated blank that almost hums with luminescent energy. These brawny yet comfortable catfish rods are built with almost unbreakable E-glass blanks and premium cork handles. A convenient dial on the rod’s butt-cap lets anglers turn on the lights when the sun fades and big cats go on the prowl. Four spinning and 4 casting designs consist of 7, 8, 9 and 10 footers, each in medium or medium-heavy actions, with line rankings of 10 to 30 pound test. 

Driftmaster Series by The Rod Shop KC

Tom Knox crafts some of the most gorgeous custom-made bass and trout rods on the planet. Yet his real passion is for catfish, and quietly, Knox has developed a small empire of dedicated consumers who swear by his line of “Driftmaster” customs. Developed with input from Phil King and John Jamison, these rods include graphite or E-glass models, each made for varying levels of present and weight. Specifically, these rods shine for walking bait in rivers or wandering tanks for big blues. Nevertheless, Knox can build a rod for about any purpose you prefer. A just recently fashioned Jamison Bait Walker Unique is a 7-foot 2-inch, heavy power gem constructed with high modulus graphite. It hefts like a feather yet easily deals with blues surpassing 60-pounds, discovering light bites from country miles. Contact the affable Mr. Knox for rates.

Eagle Claw Cat Claw

The classic fishing company’s yellow rod remains as iconic as the Duke Boys’ intense orange Dodge Charger. Certainly, Eagle Claw’s American made Feline Claw series is similarly difficult, and the good news is, a good bit lighter than the General Lee, made with stout glass blanks, aluminum oxide guides and EVA foam handles. An 8-foot casting model manages 12 to 30 pound test and matches medium responsibility channel and blue feline scenarios. The medium-heavy action 7-foot spinning rod is a great all-purpose catfish rod. .

Rippin Lips SuperCat

Constructed on the foundation of exceptional S-Glass blanks, SuperCat rods use the best balance between toughness and level of sensitivity. S-Glass, a lighter advanced fiberglass product than it’s older counterpart, offers two times the modulus of E-Glass, and supplies awesome blank strength, smoothness and level of sensitivity. Pro catter and designer John Jamison also extols the virtues of the SuperCat’s customized EVA divided grip manage for utilize and balance when casting and fighting huge catfish. All six rods in the series sport extra hard, chrome-plated stainless-steel guides (spinning designs have difficult ceramic guide inserts for lighter line applications.) Rod tips also include high radiance finishes for nighttime exposure. 3 casting and spinning models cover applications from eater-size channels in ponds all the way to goliath blues and quick river current.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish

What can you state about an Ugly Stik? Stereotypical fishing pole. Timeless catfish wand. Difficult as nails. Trusted as an old pair of boots. If the original was great, envision what a cat-specific ‘Stik’ needs to fish like. The Ugly Stik Catfish series features 5 particular models, each with lengths, powers and actions proper for whiskery monsters. Clear Idea design and blank-through-handle building includes level of sensitivity and strength, while EVA handles include convenience and utilize over big cats. Spinning and casting models are each readily available in 7- and 8-foot lengths. 

St. Croix Premier Glass

best catfishing rods

Made with a mix of St. Croix’s exclusive SCII graphite and SCI S-glass fibers, the Premier Glass PGM80HM may be the ideal premium flathead rod. At 8-feet in length, this elite glass composite compare with 40 to 80 pound test line and quickly deals with 1 to 8 ounce weights. Lighter than conventional E-glass, S-glass fibers use enhanced sensitivity, yet with a procedure of “offer” in the blank, ideal for lobbing huge baits and dealing with self-setting circle hooks. Other excellent accoutrements consist of Kigan Master Hand 3D guides, Fuji reel seats and state-of-the-art cork deals with, plus a standard 5-year service warranty. 

Tangling with Catfish Extreme

Significantly popular Tangling with Catfish rods are made with topnotch components, consisting of the Extreme Spinning rod– a 7-foot 6-inch E-glass design tailor-made for landing limitations or lunkers. An unique rubberized butt provides a positive combating grip, while a Class-A cork deal with and foregrip offer the rod a step of design and added level of sensitivity. Additionals consist of a stainless steel hook keeper and stainless steel, double footed guides that are enhanced with silver solder and two coats of epoxy. 

Team Catfish iCat

High-end catfish rods were once an oxymoron. But times are altering. The increase in big feline techniques, which parallel nationwide competition circuits, have actually developed a demand for lightweight, sensitive catfish poles. Team Catfish’s iCat rods use custom-made carbon blanks, stainless-steel guides and an exposed-blank reel seat. The 7-foot 6-inch iCat is constructed to deal with 1/2 to 8-ounce sinkers and 12 to 65 pound test. Jeff Williams of Team Catfish states the rod was created for drifting and walking bait in rivers. 

Team Catfish Thundercat


Great all around medium to durable catfish rods, Thundercats feature extended EVA “power foam” deals with over high-visibility white E-glass blanks. Stainless-steel strengthened guides are spaced efficiently to take full advantage of blank take advantage of and lifting power. Reel seat is graphite and reinforced with a stainless-steel band. The rods’ long straight manage is made to slide quickly out of any rod holder. Each of 3 these best catfishing rods casting (7′ 6″ medium, 7′ 6″ medium-heavy and 8′ heavy power) sport soft tips for bite detection and shock absorption..

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