Best Catfish Reels

Bers Fishing Reels for catching catfish are frequently a subject of great dispute and the place that new catfish anglers waste the most money.

Listed below are bestselling Best Catfish Reels which satisfy both affordability and quality.

With a little understanding of what features you require in a catfish reel and the demands the reel will be put through you’ll save a lot of time, money and headaches long term.

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the catfish types you’ll be targeting and whether you intend on targeting one types of catfish, numerous species, “box fish” (smaller one to ten pound catfish), prize class fish or a mixture of all of these.

Blues, channels and flatheads are all extremely different in many methods and the requirements of an angler that’s fishing for one to 5 pound channel catfish with ready baits (stink baits) are much various than those of an angler that’s fishing solely for prize class blue catfish or flatheads.

How to Choose the Best Catfish Reel?

The right catfish reel coupled with the right catfish rod is something that will assist you catch more fish and will last for years to come.

The incorrect catfishing gear will put the fish at an advantage and will not withstand the abuse of catching catfish, particularly if you’re fishing for monster prize class cats.

The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Reels covers everything you need to understand about catfish reels for all species of catfish, strategies and scenarios.

Check out our rating of best catfish reels to make sure you select the right one.

Top 10 Catfish Reels in 2020

Abu Garcia 7000i

best catfish reels


No flatheader worth his salt strikes the river without one of these timeless round bait-casters. Armed with a synchronized levelwind system, brass gears and dual anti-reverse, the old 7000 is as hard and reliable as reels get. An extra-large power-handle supplements the reel’s muscular 6-washer drag system– sufficient torque to drop the hammer on the planet’s hardest catfish. The 7000 has one other memorable function– an additional loud line-out alarm; what catmen call a “clicker.” When a big fish gets the bait and bolts, the reel grudgingly yields line while audibly signaling you that something amazing will occur. Load it with 300 lawns of 20-pound mono or 600 lawns of 30-pound braid and brace for impact. 

Abu Garcia C-7000 Ambassadeur Baitcast Fishing Reel
  • Durable baitcast fishing reel handles tough saltwater fishing applications
  • Multi-disc drag system offers forceful, smooth drag across the entire drag range
  • 6-pin centrifugal brake applies consistent pressure for an exceptionally precise cast
  • Extended bent cranking handles and power knob offer added torque for hard-pulling fish
  • Synchronized level wind system improves line lay and castability

Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx

Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx


Another fine no-frills spinning frame, the CatMaxx CM80 includes an aluminum long-spool design that holds nearly 300 yards of 25 pound test mono. Developed on a hard graphite body, the reel’s guts consist of a 4-bearing system with PowerLock instant anti-reverse. At 26-ounces, this big wheel brawler dispense almost 40 pounds of drag pressure, or enough to winch small trees out by the roots. An oversized paddle reel deal with provides convenience and utilize over huge cats.

Lew's Super Duty LFS 8.3:1 Right Hand Baitcast Reel
  • High strength brass gearing
  • Titanium coated Zirconia line guide
  • Braid-ready, machined, double anodized, 34mm deep capacity spool
  • Premium 11 bearing system with stainless steel double shielded bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch

Daiwa Black Gold


What can you state about a reel that’s been with you through little fish and beasts, thick and thin, for over a quarter century? If you’re smart, you call it one of your favorite catfish reels. A traditional saltwater tool, the Black Gold is a throwback– an easy collection of reputable components and tested parts that carry out so well that the company simply cannot retire it, in spite of the reel’s a little old-school facade. It’s not the most beautiful, nor the lightest reel you’ll ever own, but purchasing one is like making a longterm cannot- miss out on financial investment. All metal construction envelops three stainless steel ball bearings and a high performance drag constructed with Teflon and stainless steel drag washers. The BG 30 and BG 60 hold a lot of 14 to 25 pound test line and get 36 and 39 inches of line per handle turn, respectively. 

Daiwa BG8000 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel, 8000, 5.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 6+1 Bearings, 53.30" Retrieve Rate, 33 lb Max Drag
  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing ("Hard Bodyz" Body & Side Cover), Over-sized Digigear (Digigear System)
  • Solid Screw-In Handle, Air Rotor, Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool
  • Braided Line Ready Spool, Waterproof Drag System, Carbon ATD, Line Per Handle Turn: 53.3"
  • Manual Return Bail (4500 and Larger), 6BB+1RB, Gear Ratio: 5.6:1, Drag Max:33
  • Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards): 20/550, 25/440, 30/370 J-BRAID: 50/730, 65/590, 80/440

Okuma Convector


An incredible value in line-counter reels, the Convector sports a light-weight, corrosion resistant frame with a machined aluminum anodized spindle. A ratcheting star drag allows the angler to call into exact drag settings. A trademarked Mechanical Stabilization System maintains parts alignment over the long term, while a self-lubricating equipment system boosts smoothness and total performance. The reel’s mechanical line counter function steps in feet, ideal for drifting, trolling and bait-walking applications. 6 reel design sizes consist of both left and right handed retrieves. .

Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel CW-303D
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for reliability and quality
  • Used by professionals worldwide
  • Lightweight corrosion resistant frame and side plates
  • Multi disc Carbonite drag system

Okuma Epixor Baitfeeder

Including price and high level performance, the Epixor Baitfeeder is a significant tool for light to medium responsibility catfishing circumstances. 9 stainless-steel ball bearings and 1 “quick-set” anti-reverse roller bearing provide seamless operation. A waterproof drag seal and a 30-percent larger drag system strengthen the reel’s stopping power, in spite of it’s pretty weight. The Epixor’s unique on/off car trip bait feeding system provides measured resistance to biting fish, and disengages merely by turning the reel manage. Spindles are extra broad machined aluminum and are topped with a titanium coated lip for smooth casting. Four models from a size 30 to 80 are available. 

Okuma ABF30b Avenger ABF "B" Series Baitfeeder Reels
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for reliability and quality
  • Used by professionals worldwide
  • On/Off auto trip bait feeding system
  • Multi-disc, oiled felt drag system

Pflueger Trion


Pflueger Trion

Any reel identified “workhorse” more or less explains those intangible components catfishers seek. Built with 6 stainless-steel ball bearings and weighing much less than you ‘d anticipate, the Trion provides years of no-frills efficiency. Cast, set hooks, and deliver catfish beat-downs– period. An aluminum deal with and spool is matched by a smooth multi-disc drag system and instant anti-reverse. Trion 135 and 140 sizes match most medium catfish scenarios.

Pflueger Trion Spinning Reel
  • Famous for our innovations and dependability
  • World's leading rod and reel manufacturers
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • 6 stainless steel ball bearings (20 size has 4 ball bearings)
  • On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing

Quantum Bill Dance Big River

Quantum Bill Dance Big River

Built to tackle freshwater monsters, this tough reel torques tough pulling felines with its effective 4.2:1 gear ratio. Two stainless-steel ball bearings keep things running good and smooth, while a synchronous levelwind prevents line from “piling up” on the spool. The high-capacity aluminum spindle (360 yards/ 20-lb test) holds a lot of line to last longer than even the most extreme drag errors. While a prolonged power manage gives you additional leverage over your quarry. The reel’s selectable bite-alert complete a list of fine features, making this reel a good value– renowned Bill Dance baseball cap not consisted of.

Zebco 202 & Zebco 404 Spincast Reels and 2-Piece Fishing Rod Combos (2-Pack), QuickSet Anti-Reverse Fishing Reels with Bite Alert
  • Includes 2 Rod & Fishing Reel Combos: Moderate-Fast action, 5-foot 6-inch, 2-piece rods with a 202 (Medium-Light) and a 404 (Medium) power combo. Ideal for Panfish, Trout, Walleye, Bass and More!
  • Fiberglass rod blank for durability and strength, with built-in Hook Keeper and Twist-Lock reel seat with comfortable EVA rod handle
  • QuickSet Anti-Reverse for a solid hookset with a right-hand retrieve
  • All-metal gears for durability and long gear life and stainless steel pick-up pin for a smooth retrieve, long life, and high resistance to abrasion
  • Zebco Brands products are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials.

Shimano Baitrunner OC

Shimano Baitrunner OC


Perfect for set rigging from shore or in a boat, the Baitrunner OC enables felines to strip line easily from the spindle without disengaging the spindle. This saltwater-approved reel provides adequate power, durability and durability to tame any catfish. Key functions consist of a fully repairable bait-clicker, stainless-steel ball bearings and Shimano’s incredible Varispeed Oscillation. Baitrunner designs 6000 and 8000 offer 20-pounds of drag and retrieve approximately 36 inches per revolution. An essential tool for every single major cat-head. 

Shimano Baitrunner 6000D, Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel
  • This classic live bait reel features a secondary drag system that allows free spooling with the bail closed and allows your bait to move naturally
  • Utilizes an oval oscillation gear that provides a consistent spool speed which results in an even line lay that provides excellent casting and manageability
  • Better casting; better line lay; less backlash wind knots or tangles; less friction on the line; larger; more comfortable grips; a higher max drag as well as a wider range of baitrunner settings than its predecessors
  • Offers dyna-balance technology that eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counterbalancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness while eliminating vibrations caused by the reel
  • Max drag: 20 lbs. / gear ratio: 4.8:1. / weight: 20.1 oz. / line retrieve: 35" / bearings: 3bb + 1rb – powerpro line cap: 30/245;50/210;65/130 – mono line cap: 10/300;12/265;16/170

Shimano Tekota

Shimano Tekota

Palm-sized line-counter reels may be the best kept tackle secret in catfishing, and Shimano’s Tekota tops the list of tested entertainers. This tough-as-nails, full metal weapon is loaded to the equipments and beyond: diecast aluminum frame, sideplates and spool, an extra-large clicker button and anti-rust bearings. The TEK300LC and TEK500LC are completely matched to medium to heavy-duty catfishing scenarios, boasting max drag rankings of 18-pounds and 3 +1 ball bearings. Line counter systems are smooth and deal with all types of fishing line. Hundred-plus-pound blues have battled these reels and lost. 

Shimano Tekota 700 Saltwater Star Drag Reel with Line Counter
  • The Tekota trolling reel is a great solution for anglers who troll for both fresh and saltwater species by offering great line capacity; construction and advanced features
  • Constructed into a one-piece die-cast aluminum frame that provides tight tolerances and durability and is built to last season after season
  • Featuring a unique crossbar-forward design that provides direct access to the spool and a non-disengaging level-wind system with underbrace for better line management
  • Offers specially treated Anti-Rust Bearings that are at least 10 times more corrosion-resistant than standard stainless steel bearings and promote smooth; even line flow
  • Max Drag: 24 lbs. / Gear Ratio: 4.2:1. / Weight: 29.8 oz. / Line Retrieve: 33" / Bearings: 3BB + 1RB – PowerPro Line Cap: 50/735; 65/570; 80/430 – Mono Line Cap: 25/410; 30/350; 40/290 – Retrieve: Right

Team Catfish Gold Ring 400

Team Catfish Gold Ring 400

Putting power and smoothness at your fingertips, this specialized best catfish reels performs reliably while happily trumpeting your passion for barbels and adipose fins. Custom specs consist of one-piece aluminum frame and side plates, 5 stainless-steel bearings and a dual magnetic cast control with an unique dial for tossing additional heavy baits. A recessed, low-profile bait remote control avoids accidental activation. Extras such as an aluminum power deal with and additional heavy reel foot ensure seasons of flawless operation.

Lew's Custom SLP 7.5:1 Left Hand Baitcast Reel
  • Lightweight one-piece aluminum frame and 10-bearing system with 9-stainless steel double shielded ball bearings and Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing
  • Patented Speed Dial provides quick and easy line recognition
  • Double anodized U-spool, Lightweight graphite sideplates and Multi-Setting Brake (MSB) dual cast control system
  • Rugged carbon fiber drag system provides up to 20 lbs. of drag power
  • Zirconia line guide, External lube port and Exclusive patented Speed Keeper hook keeper

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