Best Big Bass Lures

If you are going to catch really big bass you will need really good lures. We placed reviews of the best lures on a market. With the wide array of lures readily available, it seems like there are an almost boundless number of ways to capture bass.

The Best Big Bass Lures Review

However, big bass can be peculiar. They have various feeding happens that enabled them to grow to a plus size, and for that reason act differently from smaller bass. This implies that anglers must fish somewhat in a different way when targeting lunkers. Below are a few of the best lure choices for catching big bass.



Swimbaits have actually been around for a long period of time, but they began to acquirepopularity once again a couple of years ago. Anglers on the west coast began using them to capture huge bass. They used them in lakes with clear water where bass fed upon small trout. Eventually, making use of swimbaits spread throughout the nation. There are now a wide range of both hard and soft bodied swimbaits available that mimic trout, shad, herring, perch, bluegill, crappie and more. Huge bass get that method by using up as little energy as possible for as much food as possible. Little trout and injured fish deal simply that. A large swimbait is a perfect way to provide such an offering.

10″ Worm

If fishing around thick weeds and cover, then nothing can outperform a 10″ Texas-rigged worm for huge largemouth bass. They just can’t withstand the big offering. The large size will likewise restrict the number of smaller sized fish that waste your time when you are searching for lunkers. Black or black and red are perfect colors. They work particularly well on hot summer season days when lethargic bass are concealing deep in the weeds.

Jig and Pig

A jig is among the most popular lures for big bass, and for good factor. Integrated with a soft plastic trailer, they are terrific at imitating a crawfish – among the most typical food sources for bass. Pitch huge jigs around docks and cover in order to lure a strike from a lunker.

Goofy Rigged Worm

Crazy rigged worms are very popular, and for excellent factor. They are easy to fish and capture a lot of bass. Scale the measure in order to target larger bass. Try utilizing worms that are 7″ long. Big bass will strike these nearly as readily as smaller bass strike the smaller sized worms. In reality, the current IGFA all-tackle world record identified bass was captured using this strategy. The bass was 10 lb 7 oz and was captured on a Yamamoto Senko.


One often neglected lure for huge bass is a spoon. These can be specifically effective in cold weather or whenever bass are keeping in deep water. Use a big spoon to jig around deep drop-offs. You might be amazed by the size of the bass that bite.