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Beginner Fishing Rods and Reels

By | October 29, 2019

The right equipment depends mostly on what you plan to do with it. The right equipment for catching little bluegill in a local pond will not be right for fishing large sturgeon.

If you understand exactly the sort of fishing you wish to do, then getting the right gear is a relatively straightforward matter:

  1. Find a local take on the shop you like.
  2. Enter and tell them what you wish to fish and where.
  3. Purchase their suggestion.

As an option, you can ask your fishing friends what they recommend. Alternatively, if you will be taking a trip somewhere to fish, you can contact an outfitter/or tackle shop because area and ask what a good setup would be.

If You Don’t Know What Type of Fish You Are Going to Catch

What if all you know is that you want to begin fishing, and you want some proper equipment that will handle practically any freshwater scenario? What do you get then?

What you require is right well-rounded clothing to get you started. This outfit should be enjoyable to catch little fish with, yet have an adequate foundation to reel in the larger ones too. It won’t be best; however it will be quite close.

  1. 6-foot to 7-foot, medium to medium-light action, 2-piece graphite rod.
  2. Medium to medium-light spinning reel filled with quality 8-pound test monofilament line (get a reel that features a spare spool).
  3. A line in 4#, and 6# test (fill the new spindle with the 6# test).
  4. Quality hooks in assorted sizes.
  5. Assorted ball-bearing swivels & snaps.
  6. Split Shot and a couple of egg sinkers.
  7. Pencil floats in various sizes.
  8. 3 spinners.
  9. Polarized sunglasses
  10. A take on box or fishing vest.

If you’ve never put a line on a reel previously, let the clerk at the deal with shop do it for you about the extra spool. In some cases, you’ll wish to change out your line while on the water, which spare spindle makes it simple. A two-piece rod will be more convenient to handle, and transport than a one piece. The polarized sunglasses help you see through the glare of the water to spot fish and also safeguards your eyes from sharp hooks.

The Importance of A Balanced Outfit

It is critical that your attire is stabilized (the rod and reel are “matched” to hold the very same size line.) A balanced outfit will enable all the private parts to work to the optimum of their effectiveness and efficiency.

Chosing Right Clothing

If you buy a “combo” (rod and reel offered together as a package) from a reputable online outfitter or a local take on a shop, you can be reasonably ensured that the outfit is balanced. Combos are an excellent way to get a better price, compared to purchasing the rod and reel separately. However, if you are buying your rod and reel individually, you will need to read the requirements yourself to make sure that they are matched well.

How to Read Your Rod & Reel Specs

If you look at the butt end of the rod, near the deal with, you will see some requirements printed on the rod. These printed specs typically inform you the length of the rod, the rod’s action, and the range of line and lure size they are designed to cast. For the 8lb clothing, I am suggesting you’ll want a rod that varies from 4 to 10 pounds or 6 to 12 pounds.

It will look something like this:

As you can see, the rod above is 6’6” feet long, medium action, and ranked for 10-20lb test. Some rods have more or less info.

Look for the requirements on the reel, too. They will be printed on the package and sometimes on the reel. The reel needs to manage 8lbs in its midrange. This reel, for example, is ideal (click to enlarge):

As you can see, the line capacity is printed right on the reel. It states the reel can hold 200 lawns of a 6lb test, 220 yards of an 8lb test, and 120 backyards of 10lb test. This is a great match to the rods revealed above.

With clothing like this, you need to be able to manage a large range of freshwater fishing situations, and a wide range of fish.

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